IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

Inspired by digital lifestyle and the technologically transforming world, Indivar Software Solutions Ltd. provides IoT solutions by re-inventing the hardware and software platforms. We are a leading IoT (Internet Of Things) innovator and focused on developing end-to- end connected solutions by leveraging native patented technologies & breakthrough open-source technologies, for SMEs, large enterprises and modern consumers. The IoT is a boon to the home automation industry and makes life easy while assuring that they can just sit back and relax.

Key Features of the IoT:


The intelligent ambience in IoT enhances its capabilities to allow the things to respond in an intelligent way to a particular situation, while also supporting them to carry out specific tasks.


The IoT is empowered by connecting together the everyday objects as simple object level interactions contribute towards collective intelligence in IoT network.

Dynamic Nature

The dynamic changes that take place around the devices help the IoT to collect data from its environment.


There are sensors that detect or measure any changes in the environment to generate data that can interact with the environment or report their status. IoT wouldn’t be possible without sensors.

Internet of Things(IoT)

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