Home Automation

To provide a seamless control all over your home, Home Automation plays a vital role in networking all the appliances and devices together. It is the “Internet of Things” and has been in much demand over the decades now, around the world. From serving the basic purpose of lightening and simple appliance control, technology is catching up with the idea of the interconnected world through the IoT and Home Automation, and facilitates people to control their house from any remote location as well.

Indivar offers a wide variety of home automation products that help you to control just about anything in your home. Home automation allows you to dictate when it should react, how a device should react and why it should react. It provides a new world full of excitement and convenience at your home.

    Features of Home Automation

  • Convenient

    It allows controlling every device in your house, even when you are not present in the house. Also, pre-setting things to turn ON/OFF automatically, without manually pressing any button, makes your life convenient.

  • Safety

    Home Automation provides complete security of your house and alerts if there is any kind of water leakage or any similar damage in the house. A security camera is used to protect from any theft.

  • Energy Savings

    People save a lot of money as Home automation works efficiently to turn your utilities ON/OFF whenever they are required to.

  • Have fun

    Enjoy the user-friendly experience while using the technologically advanced system of home automation. Have fun with features like voice recognition; view your visitors at the front door on TV.


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