Managing a school is not an ‘easy-funny’ task! It is difficult because of the various functions evolved in management, and serious because of the future of kids associated with it. While your job is to shape the brightest tomorrow for kids, our job is to provide ease and comfort to the integral management process. With Edubold, we make management an ‘easy going’ day-to-day job for you!

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Empowering IT practices
at Schools

Edubold works on least maintenance
and enables the use of best technology
for handling administrative
data and information.

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Easy ERP to Use, learn &

Using Edubold is as easy as using a social network site or an internet browser.Through a simple point-and-click interface, you can easily use the consistent software.


Accessible across different

We have designed Edubold as a browser-independent resource, helping easy interaction and communication between students, faculty, administrative staff and alumni.

Edubold Security

Data Security

Avoid the hassle of creating and maintaining a database and switch to Edubold for a safer experience. Enabling full data audit trails and role-based security the software promises a high degree of granularity.

Customer Care

24X7 Live Support

Edubold is functionally maintained by a dedicated team of IT professionals. The idea of a flawless technical support is close to us.

"Edubold is a School ERP Management Software that resolves the major complications and complexities prominent to the routine school operations. Specifically designed for educational institutes, Edubold helps several administrative functions that include attendance, library, exam, fees, hostel, mess, asset, finance, payroll,accounting, and inventory management. Edubold is officially manned by Indivar Software Solutions. As the best educational ERP, Edubold is everything that an institution needs for absolute automation. It is a management solution that is easy to use, faster to implement and guarantees best results."

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