Database Security

As all the businesses are going online, it is impending for organizations to keep their data secure and prevent them from any kind of attacks. Also, it is crucial to simplify regulatory compliance for the online businesses. Data is the lifeblood of any organization and the prime target of cyber criminals. At Indivar, we perform both the operations to secure your data, which is the most important and critical part of your business. Now you can protect your data from extortion, ransom-ware and theft while also preventing downtime and maintaining the trust of your customers. It eventually helps safeguard your brand's reputation.

How Indivar helps to protect your company’s Data?

Indivar has been serving its clients to protect their data from any kind of cyber crimes and ensure that their data is safe and secure. We perform the following tasks to offer complete data security:-

  • Discovers sensitive data
  • Identify database vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring of all data activity
  • Uncover risky users
  • Mask sensitive data
  • Real-time ransom-ware detection
Database Security

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