Big Data

Indivar provides an automated way for companies to convert a large amount of complex and disparate data into a ready-to- use business model and data store, by using the Big Data Analytics. This empowers owners to quickly and easily visualize, analyze and report data across various sources, without relying much on IT.

Indivar’s approach for Big Data Analytics Project
Our team of Big Data experts at Indivar, proceeds in a comprehensive way to provide the best results to the business owners.


Big Data is trending these days, and like every new technology, it too requires a powerful strategy. It is essential to have an effective adoption strategy for your business. By determining the use cases for Big Data services, we further craft a good strategy in collaboration with the key stakeholders of your organization.


It is important to have a comprehensive architecture that works well for the primary set of applications, after defining a clear strategy and using big data services. Our consultants possess great experience as big data service provider and guide in the best way that works as per your company’s needs and help in expanding easily for the future applications.

Data Warehouse Augmentation

Enterprises spend a lot of money to maintain their data warehouses and licenses for a proprietary data warehouse are priced depending on the appliances deployed and the amount of big data solutions being processed. With the use of open source platforms of big data solutions like Apache Hadoop, we help customers enhance their warehouses.

Proof of Concept (POC) & Proof of Technology (POT)

It is good to develop a POC (proof of concept) or POT (proof of technology) application, once the design and architecture are received. The proof of concept is a prototype that shows that the proposed big data solution and technology stack will serve your requirements. The application’s small scale version or a specific module is tested and implemented in this phase. The goals are set, measured, implemented and as well as the outcomes are evaluated of the POC.

Data Science and Analytics

The basic face of big data solutions includes the process of defining the architecture for your big data, implementing that to the store and retrieving the data. On the other hand, there is a possibility to get an insight into the business using the big data companies’ services. Our team of data analysts possesses great experience in dealing with the analytical models for issues like customer churn prediction, fraud detection.

Big data analytic @ Indivar

At Indivar, with our big data solutions, we offer an easy opportunity to analyze the vast business data. The smart approach of our data analyst analyzes and activates the data for providing unique business solutions. We believe that by analyzing data volume, velocity and variety, any business can have the desired solution and big data provides that opportunity to jump-start the digital marketing program in the favour and the growth of the business.

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