OpenBravo ERP Solutions India

Openbravo ERP is an enterprise web based ERP platform that supports agile deployment and ongoing customization found by early adopters. Unlike other ERPs, Openbravo ERP is a product that enables highest productivity, business agility and sustained ROI with easy powerful integration. Indivar provides you an extensive and end-to-end solution for enterprises seeking ERP solutions. We specialize in the implementation, configuration, customization, training, maintenance & enhancements and version upgrades for Community, and Professional editions with a backbone of skilled professionals.

Openbravo ERP benefits

  • Rich functionality for complex enterprise management, which includes production, warehousing, sales, finance, project and service management, etc.
  • No license charge - due to the fact that the Openbravo ERP system is available under Open Source license, it is a completely free ERP system; evolve Consulting Group charges only for implementation, consulting, IT training and system extension of Openbravo ERP.
  • Open Source - the source code can be completely customized to meet your expectations.
  • Dynamic development - your system will always follow the current market trends, because Openbravo ERP can be updated to its latest version without any added cost.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface available via any web browser - it allows for access to the system at any place, without installing additional software.
  • Compatibility with Windows operation systems as well as with Open Source Linux systems.
  • Detailed technical documentation - it allows for extending the system by anybody with Java programming skills.
  • Easy integration with free Point of Sale system - Openbravo ERP and other systems supporting enterprise management.
  • Scalability - the system does not lose efficiency, even when its complexity grows.


Openbravo for retail is a mobile accomplished affordable and full featured solution for managing an entire retail business, from Sales to Financials and Operations. Openbravo for retail is a retail point of sale solution ideally suited to SME's, supermarkets, retail suppliers, brand stores and franchises.

    The core features of Openbravo for Retail include:

  • Unified multichannel retail platform
  • Touch screen POS interface: tablets, smartphones
  • Flexible retail back office integration
  • Empower retail staff to delight customers
  • Improve sales and customer experience over existing systems
  • Scale from single store to shine


With the increasing challenges of cost-pressures, outsourcing, and competition, it has become very important for manufacturers to achieve automation, visibility and control of the complete process. We understand the constant competition among manufacturing companies to maintain and increase market share and the concerns about the growth percentage in the top line of the balance sheet. Our completely web-based platform can help you know the what, where and how of your business can take any place with an internet connection. Manage production schedules, quality control, production cost and much more.

Key features of Manufacturing

Plug and play plants

Our Openbravo cloud-based manufacturing platform enables companies to add new (offshore) factories to the ERP platform.


No more clumsy, black and green screen hardware on the floor. We deliver (custom) mobile user interfaces for tablets and smartphone with barcode scanning capability.

Manufacturing Planning

Let materials requirements planning take care of determining your production and component requirements.


Integrating truly powerful forecasting capability into Openbravo ERP's manufacturing planning engine.

Quality control

We make sure you keep control over your raw material and component quality. Configure vendor and/or product specific quality cards.

Barcode scanning

To save processing time by using barcode scanning equipment. Move goods from work center to work center by scanning components and semi-finished products.

Product costing

Let Openbravo calculate the cost prices of your finished products.

Increase Productivity

Control of the entire sales process, from generating forecasts to paying sales commissions.

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