About the Project:

Working since 1998, this Saas-based Project Management service is remarkably known for developing quality PPM (project portfolio management) software that is easy-to-use and implement. The client has provided PPM solutions to about 377 companies till date. Indivar assisted the client in redesigning their official website and application.

Challenges of the Project:

  • Redesign the entire website from the scratch while sustaining the backend development.
  • Dealing with the much-speculated complexities of development.
  • Aligning a dynamic website having multiple pages and complex structure.
  • Streamlining the visual arrangement to settle much of the chaos in the website.
  • Implementation of steady flow in the Application.
  • Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the website and application.

Solutions offered:

The front end development of any project is crucial because it is said to be the first point of reference i.e. anything that a user first sees and uses. Before digging deep into the functionality practices, it is the design that makes the initial bond with the user. As a renounced PPM software provider, the client was already dealing with a dynamic website and was looking for a user-friendly design solution that could probably simplify the look-and-feel of the website.

Solutions offered

The existing website of the client was developed using a complex structure of codes. Creating the entire website (with designing and development services) was an uncalled action, especially when the client was looking for front-end beautification. Indivar suggested the client to redesign the entire website and application from the scratch, while integrating the existing codes and the content.

dynamic website

Highlights of the Solutions:

  • Seamless integration of design and development.
  • Responsive web and application solutions.
  • Completion of project within the dedicated timeframe.
  • Flawless CSS alignment.

Project Duration:

5-6 months approximately.

About the Project:

A US-based company was involved in the process of hiring educational professionals for the purpose of organizing vocational ‘Summer Camps’ in California. The massive recruitment process of hiring 10,000 to 12,000 professionals was assisted by our IT solution.


Challenges of the Project:

  • Streamlining and automating the essential shortlisting and selection process.
  • Dealing with massive data through automated technical interface.
  • Crafting an operational workflow. 
  • Managing documentation of all the applicants. 
  • Scheduling interviews, online application process and allocating slots to the applicants.

Solution Offered:

Indivar created an integrated solution for managing the entire process in a seamless manner. The solution was successfully delivered by integrating CMS (through Drupal) in the front end and CRM at the back-end management, along with database, email server and DocuSign to be a part of the integrated process.

Highlights of the Solutions:

  • Step-by-step automation to incur a ‘paperless’ experience. 
  • Awarding highest control to the virtual admin- from job posting to shortlisting and selection. 
  •  Two flow communication model for applicants and employer, virtually assisted by email notifications. 
  •  Ensuring database management to streamline selection process and reducing chances of manual errors. 
  • An ‘easy-to-apply’ mechanism for the applicants and ‘easy-to-access’ solution for the management team.

The Flow of the Project:

The flow of the project was divided into four general parts:

  • Application process
  • Shortlisting process
  •  Preliminary Selection Process
  • Final Selection Process

Application Process: 

The application process starts as soon as the admin posts job on the backend CRM interface, defining certain fields like the job criteria, basic requirements, duration, Number of positions and so on. Once the job is manual posted in the CRM by the admin, it is automatically updated on the front-end interface of CMS.

Through the front-end interface, an applicant views and selects job posting of personal choice. The process of job selection involves the sharing of details and form filling. Once the applicant fills the details and submits their application, the backend CRM is automatically updated. The applicant is then sent an email notification confirming their enrollment.

Shortlisting Process:

As CRM is updated with all the job applications, the backend Administrator responsible for a particular job goes through the process of shortlisting profiles. During the shortlisting process, the admin enjoys the control of viewing, selecting and rejecting job applications. In both the cases of selection or rejection, the applicant is updated with appropriate emails informing them of their application status.

During the shortlisting process, the applicant is asked to select a pre-defined slot for personal face-to-face interview. The ‘availability of slots’ is virtually assisted for selection, and is notified through an email. It becomes easy for the applicant to choose a slot virtually.


Preliminary Selection Process:

Through the shortlisting and slot-selection process, the applicant is invited for a personal interview. The admin manages the response process through emails, intimating the applicants about the status of their potential employment.

Selection Process:

Last but not the least; the final selection process is assisted with email notification, inviting applicants to submit their final documents. The admin creates the final job contract with the help of DocuSign and shares it with the selected applicants. With the electronic interface of DocuSign, the selected applicant electronically signs the document to accept employment terms.

Selection Process

interface of DocuSign

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