Maintaining Attendance records is a crucial part of all organizations, and especially schools.  With the use of technology we can make everything simpler and systematic. Technology has touched and embraced every domain in our lives, including management of school’s daily routine tasks.

Edubold, a School ERP Management Software by Indivar, has been developed considering all aspects of school management and will make complex school tasks look very easy. One of the most complex and tedious tasks in school management is managing attendance of students, teachers and staff of the entire school. With Edubold developed by Indivar Software Solutions Private Ltd. attendance will no longer be a hassle as one can record attendance online and gone will the days when we had to maintain lengthy registers. It provides an automated way of maintaining the attendance of students, while streamlining the process.

Below are some key benefits wherein Edubold can be of great help in maintaining the school attendance:-

  1. Categorized Attendance Reports

With this technologically advanced ERP designed especially for schools, maintaining attendance becomes very easy. You can get category wise reports for students, teachers, staff, etc. You can have distinguished data for respective students, classes, groups, and faculty. This further ensures quick and better analysis.

  1. Automated and paperless Attendance Entry

Edubold provides an automated way for attendance marking. There is no need to manually enter attendance in registers. We provide an eco-friendly and tech savvy way to track the attendance records. The school can get rid of maintaining huge piles of registers and records of attendance of previous years.

  1. Maintains Accuracy in Data

Tracking attendance accurately is a crucial aspect and important for staff while paying their salary. There are chances that while entering manual data, discrepancy in data can occur. But with Edubold accuracy of data is guaranteed while also maintaining the credibility of data.

  1. Easy Management

Edubold offers easy and quick management of records. You can simply add, delete, and edit data about students, or staff members whenever the need arises. This ensures smooth data management of records, without affecting other data sheets.

  1. Online Attendance

With Edubold no need to take attendance at registers and we can take attendance directly on mobile and same will be synced with school system server. So no more maintenance of tedious attendances. One can only imagine how much money on inventory and man-hours of staff a school can save by making attendance online.

  1. Real-time Notifications

You can send SMSs, alerts and notifications to parents of students to share the daily attendance of their children. This guarantees the safety of students and gives their parents a sense of trust in the school.

  1. Data Security

Edubold ensures that the data is absolutely secured from any kind of hacking or phishing. There is no scope of data leakage and loss of data. There are secured login admin credentials to maintain high standards of safety and security of data.

  1. Simpler

It is very simple and with a single click we can get attendance details of the single student for a complete term or even for complete school or any specific class or student.

So, if you want your school to be amongst the technologically advanced schools, then go ahead and opt for Edubold. Many schools are already using this great tool. Some of our happy and satisfied clients are YPS, Chandigarh, Mata Gujari Sr. Sec. School, Patiala, Tagore International School, Diwakar Model School, Tribune Model School, and many more. Our software is loaded with many more exciting features which will make management of school easy and efficient. With Edubold you can be carefree about tedious tasks of school and can just focus on what school should primarily do- Development of Children for a Brighter Tomorrow.

For more information, reach us at Indivar Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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