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Once you have finalised to have an ERP solution for your organisation, the next big question that comes is how to implement it. Firstly, it should be clear to all that implementation of ERP on legacy companies is a very tough task. There had been companies which, due to the inadequate planning of ERP systems ran into losses. Obviously no company would like to incur losses with ERP which is actually meant for profitability, but this happens when companies underestimate the complexities involved in ERP.

One can go with ERP Partner or can hire an ERP Expert for implementation. Companies have to choose any one of the ways to get an ERP Systems. Let us see the benefits of hiring an ERP Partner over hiring a professional.

Below are few points wherein ERP Partners are better than ERP expert.

  1. Organisational Competencies

Majorly it is not the technical aspects but non-technical aspects which creates hurdles in implementation. When we have an ERP Partner it comes with all organisational structure and processes which have to be followed for smooth ERP swap. Also, a partner has experience in getting ERP implemented in a number of other companies thus it can benefit you with rich learnings it has acquired in the process. On the other hand if we have hired expert it doesn’t contribute to structural changes and process which has to be changed. A partner can view your company from hawk eye thus can very well guide you about strengths and weaknesses of the company and how can we improve on same. This is a domain which we can’t expect from our internal resources.

  1. Speedy Implementation

While handing over the project to ERP Partner you can set documented timelines and also can add penalties if timelines are not met. This can’t be done with Hired recourse. Also, Partners have quality recourses and experience for completing projects as per set timelines thus one can be assured that project will run as per given guidelines.

  1. Defined matrix

Many times we will observe that once the project gets delayed blame game stars within organisation’s IT leaders, executives and techies, and nobody will agree to take the blame or rectify the issues. In case of partner we have single SPOC whom we have to approach in case of any issues thus can be assured that project will run as per our vision.

  1. After Sales Support:

Once we will start using the product it is very normal to have teething issues, ERP Partner will have right expertise by the experience of previous companies with which it can resolve all issues speedily. In case of after sales speedy resolution of issues is very critical as it has direct impact on your business thus resolution TAT should be very less and also issues should not affect the output of companies.

Thus bottom line is that hiring an ERP partner which may seem to be an expensive decision at the start will definitely help you cut costs in the long run and will help you have an outage free implementation.Indivar with rich ERP implementation experience in a number of organisations will be happy to partner with you for your company’s ERP implementation.


Indivar Software Solutions Pvt Ltd., is one of the leading SAP Business One partners in Northern India, having clients spread wordwide. They have a vast experience of more that 8 years in serving their clients with the best ERP solutions.

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